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NHBC is more than a local of believers who meet on Sundays and Wednesdays. We are an organization of like-minded Christians who believe it is our duty and delight to fulfill a commission Jesus Christ left us before He ascended to heaven. That 'Great Commission' - spreading the Good News of Jesus to every person on the globe is the main 'business' of our church.

Of course, there are many other components to our obedience to the Great Commission... We strive to engage our community- to know them and love them and bring them to faith in Christ.  We disciple one another towards spiritual maturity, aiming to learn and grow together in our knowledge of and love for God. And then we mobilize- in other words, we find ways to put what we know intro practice.  We look for ways to serve one another and to contribute back to our community. 

Children's Ministry

We praise the LORD Jesus for our many children and the church members who dedicate their time and spiritual energy towards their discipleship and spiritual growth in Christ.  Our goal is that they may know God and understand the Good News that can bring them into the salvation Jesus freely offers all. 

Youth Ministry

We've built our youth ministry on the idea that teenagers need the partnership with their youth leaders AND their parents in order to accomplish their spiritual maturity and service to Christ. Our group offers a blend of Bible study, worship in singing, free time for hanging out, and food and fellowship to share.  We meet Sundays @ 9:45am & 6pm and Wednesdays at 6pm.

Bible Study Groups

We believe that our personal discipleship happens best and most effectively in the context of smaller Christian communities within our church family.  This is a time were we study the Scriptures, pray for another another, and encourage each other to apply and live-out what we learn. We meet as individual groups on Sundays at 9:45am and at other times during the month.

Deacon Ministry

The word for 'deacon' in the Bible means 'servant' or 'table-waiter.' Our deacons strive to be men who oversee specific areas of ministry such as maintenance, property, sound and tech, finance, etc. 

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Ministry Teams

The aim of spiritual growth is service to Jesus- first to one another, the other members of Christ's local body here, and second to our community.  Our ministry teams work to lead specific areas of ministry such as men's & women's ministries, kitchen & special events, worship, missions, children and youth, building & maintenance, men's & women's prayer times, etc. 

Counseling & Discipleship

It is impossible, according to the Bible, to live the Christian life alone.  That's why we meet so frequently together.  Occasionally, our lives need specific direction, careful examination, spiritual discernment and pointed seasons of prayer in the presence of a pastor or biblical counselor. 

Bible Lessons
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